This Morning We Treated Ourselves…

…with a stroll at the dump for beach combing!  It seemed only right after yesterday’s crazy 14 hour travel day.

A day that started at 3 a.m. And went something like this…

Yogurt we planned to eat in the car was spoiled.

Bottle of carrot juice kept falling under the gas pedal.

made it just in time for flight and got loaded, settled in and…nothing.

pilot came on and said “don’t get comfiest we have a big problem and will be unloading!”

so off the plane, wait…wait…wait…get on new plane…but pee first because the toilet, I mean lavatory, doesn’t work!

And if that weren’t enough we spent 30 minutes convincing 4 people to take $500 travel vouchers because someone had an extra 600 pounds of luggage And the plane couldn’t get off the ground!

fine, let’s just go..1 1/2 hours late…DFW connection gonna be tight.

ahhhh, made it…and of course we are 30 gates and a Skylink away from the Miami gate…

ever see middle aged people run in nah airport?  Its not pretty!

ahhhh, made it….hope the bags make it too.

sleeping. Coffee. Screaming baby.

ahhhh, Miami, made it….but also late, so more running…..I ran a full escalator uphill…and I thought I wouldn’t get any exercise!

steve performs quick CPR on me at top of escalator and we just make it to the gate as it’s boarding.

i run for a $25 dollar lunch bag and Steve saves me a seat.

ahhhh, flying over water and clouds eating a dry turkey sandwich because the condiment I thought was BBQ sauce was actually mixed fruit jelly. I dealt with it.

finally landed in San Juan, plenty of time to hit baggage claim leave and renter airport and catch puddle jumper over to Vieques!

we got my bag and Steve’s bag finally came. But of course it wasn’t his stuff inside!  Some other yahoo had taken the wrong bag!  Now normally this is where the string of words would have come flowing out of my middle aged grandmother mouth.  But I’m practicing “go with the flow” so we grabbed the attendant showed the problem of the bag and he literally tracked the person down and made him bring it back! Score a big one for computerization!

we made the flight only because the gate agent hand walked us through security.  Neither of us got strip searched…which is normal…and we were off!

ahhhh, finally made it to VQS…but of course Steve’s bag did not!!  There were three large passengers so they sent his bag on the next flight….wait 30 minutes!

Yadria the property keeper was very patient to wait and also drop us by Supermercado Morales for coffee, wine and cheese.  Then up the chunky road to Louis’ house to get the rental car…but it wasn’t there…so he just gave us his personal car and said we would catch up later!

And after a great nights sleep we had coffee and hit the beach at the dump.  steve cracked a coconut and now we are headed to Esperanza for beer and fish tacos.

more pix later…but here is our beach bounty





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