An iPad Doesn’t Replace a Mac!

Can anyone out there tell me if I can get photos out of my Nikon V1 and into my iPad…without a Best Buy or Radio Shack!  I can get them from my phone to my iPad…and they suck, as you’ll see.  It’s not like I’m doing this blog thing for a living, but crappy photos will kill my viewership!

Checked in with Gus at home and his dobermans have not eaten my cat, so we could enjoy our first beach day.  Walked a brisk couple miles in the wet sand until our calves were screaming.  End of walk, time to sun.

Time here seems to go into some kind of slowed down crawl.  One minute it’s early and you’re getting up, the next thing it feels like hours have passed and it’s barely 10.  The sun is always bright, the ocean always turquoise, the breeze always gentle.  The only way you know time has passed is when your cortisone cream wears off and it’s time to cream the squito bites again.  I swear to my very god, there could be 10,000 people, me and one mosquito and it would find me…every time.

We excelled today as lazy people.  I read 300 pages of a 2000 page book and Steve practiced guitar.  We opted for early dinner and went to Coqui Fire, a new location for a local favorite.  


Jimmy, the owner, is the son of Hank Cochran the famous song writer (hope I got that right), and he’s a nice guy and helluva chef.  We barely know him from multiple visits (it’s not like we’re going to his place for holiday dinner, although I bet the food would be killer!). He makes his own hot sauces, I think you can buy online, and the flavors are great – Mango Garlic, Piña Star, Smokin’ Coqui, Komoda Dragon – there’re numbered from 1 to 10 on the bottles.  I quit at 5, Steve goes for 10.  The paramedics were really nice to him tonight and said they remember him from last year! 


My mouth was on fire so I figured the homemade Chipotle Chili cheesecake was in order…holy moly it was good.  

Safely back at the casita it’s time to relax before bed (yes, when you’re older, you need to relax before you sleep for 8 hours, don’t ask me why!?). With some rest and great coffee in the morning we’ll be ready for yoga at Hix House.

Have fun out there people…we are!



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