Nothing says “have a groovy day,” like…



yes, fix-a-flat, the local version.  Three cans. I had to look up “where is the jack on a beat up Mitsubishi Montero” and would you believe it… I got an answer.  Under the seat, who knew?!  But wiki-answers could not tell me where they hid the spare tire lug nut key.  So another can of fix-a-flat and we made it into town for 25cents worth of air…and dropped the rental car in the rentor’s driveway after hitting the farmers market. He will have a “new” car for us manyana! (My spoken Spanish is terrible, so don’t expect me to get the spelling right!)

We made a giant salad with fresh produce.  And used left over red wine (yes, we sometimes have wine left!) olive oil, spices and lemon juice for dressing.



Then up to the rooftop deck for some sun…


No Diving From the Roof…seriously!?  The pool is 10′ below…and 6′ deep…


This is the ultimate two-room efficiency apartment.  Great breezes.  Three knives, one futon, 9 pillows, and this is the view as you enter the front door…


Why, yes…that Is the toilet.

i will leave you with a shot of the “dining room” and a painting we can’t quite come to terms with. These “ladies at the market” paintings are all over the islands.  They are always brightly colored, full of action and sometimes hidden surprises.  Check out the two ladies in the near front, sitting on the brown baskets. The one on the right in yellow, and the one on the left in red.  And that’s all I will say.

Happy Tuesday readers…



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