And it’s Steve in with the Save!

A small island with nothing to do is all well and good when you have a beat up old Mitsubishi Montero and can go wherever you want. But once there’s a big fat thorn in the tire and you can see the fix-a-flat leaking out the whole, knowing that the really bad roads are just gonna make it worse, so you leave it in the rental guys drive, leaving you with no car…and nowhere to go…the fun and games are over.  Am I right, Dale?!

We had a full 36 hours in paradise with no car…can I get some sympathy here?  There are a dozen sunny, sandy beaches calling my name…

Stevo finally scored us a Suzuki Grand Vitari tonight!  It has good tires, but no gas cap, so if the fumes don’t get us, we’ll be fine!

At one point today I was so bored I took a pic of the coffee pot because it looked like Darth Vader!


Am I right?

I finished book number 65 today (since I left Panera in July), and I’m 700 pgs into a 2,000 pager. Not much else here.  Tomorrow, with wheels, promises more exciting fodder!

Sleep tight!


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