Let’s try that again.

Yesterday’s post…which didn’t actually post..was all about going with the flow.  Although there was more stop and go than there was flow.

We missed yoga class (which is on the exact opposite end of the island) because our microwave clock was about 15 minutes off.  Very bad form to traipse in during the initial three “auhm’s.” if I don’t get a photo posted, google Hix Island House.  This is where we yoga on the lanai, outside, bugs, lizards, soft breezes, sun, leaves rustling, and the occasional dog who curls up under your down dog.

So we blow that off and head to the big angry waves at Black Beach to look for sea glass. Of course, it’s high tide so no getting near the glass.  But Steve did find a coconut…which turned out to be perfectly creamy with lots of juice.  I taste fruity rum drinks in our future.


No beach combing?  No big deal, we’ll maybe take an afternoon cruise.  But the boat was not going out!



So I found something for Steve…


And I went to Duffy’s to check out the micro brew beer selection…


That was pretty much the day.  Nothing seemed to go as planned, but with sand in your shorts, does it really matter?!



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