But I Can’t See the Bottom!

Ok, right off the bat I will confess to a phobia I’ve had since I was a kid. I don’t want to be in water where I can’t see the bottom.  Illogical?  Yes, I know. But as a kid we swam in the river..the kind with water moccasins and leeches.  If you weren’t careful, when you went in to cool off the baby-oil-and-iodine tan you were working on, you’d come out with leeches suctioned to your newly bronzed legs.  Jeezus  gawd how I hated those things!

So every time we come to the ocean there’s this “thing” of Steve trying to get me in the water.  Since I told him my only New Years resolution was to be fearless…and since he got me to ride my bike in total city traffic in Key West a few weeks  ago (bike in traffic! Another phobia!) he yells at me from the water yesterday, “get your bike and get in the water!”  Well, when the group of grandmas next to us started yelling at me too, what could I do?!  I chugged a glass of 2010 Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, grabbed my big Blue Iguana body board and ran across the scorching sand! Holy crap that sand was hot!

But the water was perfect…


Cool and blue and sandy.  If there were little rays scuttling beneath me in the 6 foot surf, the wine caused me not to think about them.

Back on dry land, Steve read and I worked on my watercolors – which are progressing thanks to using salt water, a $3 kids paint set, and a brush the size of my little finger. 


Today is Sunday and that means Paella Night at Tradewinds…we’ve talked about it all week.  Great wine an if I’m lucky, a nice sunset


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