It’s All In A Day

And Sunday, Paella Night at Tradewinds was a complete success.  Their Mojito was perfect.  The Paella, photo below, had everything in it, and the Bread Pudding…we’ll, let’s just say the giant chunks of pineapple weren’t expected!


Sitting on their topside patio, looking out at the ocean was just too much fun…obviously…


This is exactly the kind of photo that gives camera phones a bad rap!  We’re out of focus, out of control…and thankfully, out of town.  

So today we headed for the beach after a little shower…rain shower.  There was a thin rainbow so close to us it looked like we could touch it.  It looked like it was landing in the palm tree at the house in front of us.  Very cool.  We went to Sun Bay after a scorchingly hot trip to Playa Chiva..NO shade.  The tan lines are definitely here after that.  Here’s what we look like most days.  Our trusty Suzuki in the background…


We came back to the casita and jumped in the chilly pool, did some laundry and made fresh veggies pasta spaghetti.

I was feeling bad that I’m not having a way to take pix, other than my phone.  There are so many great shots – wild horses everywhere, packs of dogs, great plants and architecture – not so much interesting to blog about.

And then the island weather came on TV. I looked up to hear a funny voice talking about the temp in Dominique…yes, that’s a weather guy with a parrot ventriloquist dummy…and yes, they are dressed alike!



Good night Jerry!  Good night Polly!




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